Willys 9" Brake Adjustment


Most of the Tech Tips on CJ3B.info are suggestions based on Jeep owners' specific experiences and original research, or collections of related information that hasn't been published together before. If you want to do maintenance or repairs on your Jeep, they don't replace a Willys or Kaiser Jeep Universal Service Manual for basic information.

We can't reproduce the entire Service Manual, but there are some parts of your Jeep that are critical to life safety, and four of those parts are your brakes. And Willys original 9-inch brakes are somewhat different from those on many other vehicles. So for anybody who has been having trouble finding a copy of the Service Manual, here is the information on how to adjust the brakes on your Willys Jeep. These two pages come from edition SM-1002-R5 of the Service Manual, published in 1965 near the end of the CJ-3B era. It covers models CJ-2A through CJ-6A (and DJ-3A) and is probably the best edition overall for use with a CJ-3B.

Page 242

Page 243

Note: steering and brakes on your vehicle are critical to life safety. The information on this page is general in nature; if you are uncertain where your problem lies or how to correct it, get professional advice. -- Derek Redmond

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