Easy Air Filter Element Fix


Here's Barry Ogletree's step-by-step guide to replacing the steel wool and oil bath of the Willys air cleaner, with a 3M synthetic filter material. This is an alternative to having to deal with Cleaning the Air Cleaner, or to replacing it with a paper air filter and losing the original look.

LabelStep 1, of 8 Steps. Remove the air cleaner from the firewall.

LabelCut out the cross-shaped piece below the steel wool.

LabelYou need one package of 3M Filtrete home furnace filter material.

LabelThe package contains a 20x30 inch sheet.

LabelCut it into three equal strips.

LabelAssemble into one long strip.

LabelRoll it up into a roll slightly bigger than the opening.

LabelCompress and insert the roll.

Thanks to Barry Ogletree for this step-by-step tech tip. -- Derek Redmond

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