Vinyl Canvas Jeep Cover

by Jack Ahlberg

leftThis is my latest idea for the Jeep and I wanted to share it with readers of CJ3B.info. I have had a local awning businessman custom-make a total cover for my 1954 CJ-3B. This man had made a cover for my boat last year and he did an excellent job. The vinyl canvas material is used for boat covers and comes in different colors. I chose a green that matches my Jeep paint pretty well. He did a really outstanding job and it fits like a glove.

Right I can now park the Jeep outside and not worry about the elements and dust or dirt when it just sits there for days at a time. It is totally waterproof and works like a dream. The cover is easily put on and removed by one person.

On leading edges, he sewed a soft felt to the underside of the lining to prevent abrasion of the surface when towing the Jeep on my trailer. There is a bungee cord sewed into the bottom edge to create the "snug" fit, and it can be adjusted if necessary. You can see that he created a gentle slope from the top to the front of the hood so that water would not stand on the cover -- not that it would hurt.

RearHe also put a grommet on each side at the step, so that an additional bungee cord could be run underneath from side to side for additional security when towing. Notice how he created the pockets for the spare tire and the outside mirror. The total cost for the cover was $275.00. -- Jack Ahlberg
Thanks to Jack for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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