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FrontHere's a look at an interesting Jeep, thanks to an unknown photographer who documented the visit of a 3-star General in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam to a base at Duyet Binh sometime in the 1960s. He was apparently there to review Vietnamese special forces (60K JPEG) with their American advisers.

The General probably did a lot of reviewing, because he seems to have had a Willys CJ-3B custom fitted for the purpose, including front badges and flags, hubcaps and whitewalls, and a railing and stairway in the rear (see below).

RearThe pictures are good -- they look like they were taken by a experienced photographer, probably working for the military. And as well as making the troops look professional he gives us a pretty good look at what seems to be a civilian CJ-3B supplied by the American government.

The tailgate has been replaced by a set of stairs which may have folded up or they would make the vehicle pretty useless for other purposes.

Rear closeThis rear view is enlarged from part of the photo above. Luis Mariano Paz notes that it shows a Kaiser government warranty sticker on the dashboard. Kaiser guaranteed the vehicle for 2 years or 24,000 miles in government use.

See a 1966 M606 in Argentina for details on the warranty sticker and how to order a reproduction.

SideThe rear bumperettes are the only feature typical of a militarized M606 Jeep -- everything else is plain civilian 3B with cosmetic additions. The flag on the fender may be the standard of the Minister of National Defense (220K PNG).

Thanks to Luis for finding the photos. Image of Defense Minister's flag by MrPenguin20 under CC. -- Derek Redmond

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