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This is a 1953 full color (but silent) 19-minute film of Willys vehicles in action, many with industrial and agricultural equipment attached. Of course, the production shows off the brand new Universal Jeep CJ-3B, although a few CJ-3As and Willys trucks also make appearances. Not surprisingly, license plates indicate the film was shot in Ohio.

Highlights include the opening parade of the whole range of vehicles, including the Cargo-Personnel Carrier, coming over a hill. This is followed by a CJ-3B hooking up and working with a variety of agricultural implements, and a 3B welder showing up to do repairs. A pair of Willys trucks show off a backhoe and a dump body, a CJ-3B does some trenching, and a 3B wrecker gives a Willys Aero a tow! A couple of ambulances show up briefly, a CJ-3A winches itself out of a pond, and there are good sequences of the CJ-3B Fire Engine doing a pump and roll, and the Commando Fire Engine attacking a working fire. A great conclusion has 3B and 3A snow blowers in action.


Thanks to Periscope Film for making this footage available. If you can't view it on this page, see it on YouTube. -- Derek Redmond

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