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Building the ICON CJ3B Prototype


California-based custom 4x4 manufacturer ICON, Inc. aimed to display the ICON CJ3B at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show, November 2009 in Las Vegas. As of early October 2009, the company was still building the prototype, the first of ten "Beta batch" vehicles, prior to the CJ3B going into regular production.

ICON provided photo documentation of the assembly of the prototype. It's the first physical test of the extensive Computer Assisted Design of the ICON CJ3B, which has been nicknamed "The Dog."

The first Dog is taken outside the Van Nuys shop for a photo shoot. The "Beta batch" is being built as Willys vehicles with the original-style grille.

The repro body has been given a roll cage, custom gauges, Smittybuilt tire carrier, and LED tail and backup lights.

Potential suspension travel is eyeballed prior to spring installation.

The Dog can't wait to get out into those Santa Monica Mountains. Here the original single-coil springs have been replaced with dual coils (130K JPEG).

On the hoist on ICON's beautiful shop floor. And who wouldn't love one of those Haas machines in their garage?

Touching up some of the welds after the transmission skid plate (90K JPEG) has been bolted on.

The front suspension, steering and winch. See also a view from under the engine (100K JPEG).

The alloy shade canopy will be quieter than canvas, and will be laminated with woven vinyl. See the underside (80K JPEG).

This shot of the powder-coated rolling chassis offers a good look at the GM Ecotec four-cylinder engine.

After being sent out for powder coating, the tub goes back on the frame. Starting to look like the computer rendering (60K JPEG).

Rear view of the tub as finished in Mocha Tan by Andrews Powder Coating.

Good view of the front end, and the roll cage now installed.

Thanks to Jonathan Ward and Brad Brock at ICON for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

Update: see the completed ICON "Dog" Unleashed and its debut at the SEMA 2009 (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show.

Also on CJ3B.info, see the Computer Assisted Design of The 2010 ICON "Dog".

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