Virtual Tonka Wrecker


Here's the most elaborate illustration Steve Mark has done in his series of virtual 3D renderings of Tonka Toy Jeeps. This one is the popular Tonka AA Wrecker, and also includes a complete, detailed rendering of a vintage Texaco gas station.

Tonka wrecker

Steve comments, "It's a Texaco filling station of the late 1940's. It wouldn't be without its trusty Tonka Jeep Wrecker, ready for its next service call. Notice the detail in the Coke machine, and bottles. All of the motor oil cans are labeled. You can even see the gas prices in the pumps, and the details in the small tools. I wish I had this set up when I was a kid to play with!"

Thanks to Steve for a nice piece of work. He's also done a cutaway wire-frame illustration of the wrecker (60K GIF). -- Derek Redmond

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