Extreme CJ-3Bs in Purple


High Hood Makes Top Truck List

RTIA CJ-3B called "Lavender" was one of the finalists in Four Wheeler magazine's Top Truck Challenge 2002. Held in Hollister, California in early June, the competition brought together ten 4x4 vehicles selected by the magazine's readers.

In this photo Lavender airs down the tires to improve the score a bit on the RTI ramp. Photo by TJpwr, posted on Pirate4x4.com.

PolesThere is usually a handful of Jeeps among the finalists in the TTC, and this year there were two flatfenders -- a CJ-3A and a 3B -- but they were modified to the extent that there wasn't much remaining of the original vehicles except the bodies.

This photo of Lavender and the photos below are by Matt c104, posted on Pirate 4x4.com.

RocksThe judges gave the CJ-3B first place in appearance, frame flexibility, hill climbing, and the obstacle course.

On the other hand, Lavender scored at (or near) the bottom in acceleration, braking, towing, the mudpit, and the "mini-Rubicon."

MudThe CJ-3B was in the middle of the pack in engineering, ride, and the "tank trap." In the totals, Lavender placed a very respectable fourth out of ten.

The complete results will appear in Four Wheeler magazine.

Thanks to Tom McHugh for spotting Lavender, and to Matt and TJpwr for the photos.

Overdrive Anybody?

SideThe owner of this high-hood boulevard cruiser painted it an eye-popping purple; it's a color that turns heads so it's perfect on a Jeep like this. Most people probably feel purple is too wild for a stock Jeep, so Chrysler didn't sell too many 1997 TJ's in the factory Magenta. (And needless to say, Willys didn't use any paint close to this, although they turned out a few in a pretty bright yellow.)

RearBruce Harchuck sent these photos he grabbed out the driver's window near Sandusky, Ohio in the summer of 2000. Bruce says, "I barely had time to take a picture. I was going 65 MPH when he passed me!"

Anybody recognize this Jeep?

Thanks to Bruce for the photos, and to Tom Edwards. -- Derek Redmond

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