Military Jeeps in Godzilla 2000


PosterIt's 1999, and the Godzilla Prediction Network (GPN) in Japan is studying and tracking Godzilla when he appears on the coast of Nemuro. He completely destroys the city.

"Gaaaaaaaargh!" says Jim Gay in a review at Amazon.com. "The guy in the rubber suit is back with a vengeance. The plot is familiar to anyone who was a 12-year-old boy: Godzilla erupts from the sea for reasons that are never made clear, proceeds to wreak havoc amongst the buildings of a model city, and meets and beats a monster his own size, thus saving humanity. "

Oh Oh

"Godzilla's nemesis this time around is a 600-foot-long rock that scientists find at the bottom of the ocean and unwisely bring to the surface, where it proves to be an alien spacecraft bent on acquiring Godzilla's regenerative abilities. 'A visitor from outer space?' exclaims one of the scientists, 'My god, it's just too crazy to believe!' To which the lead scientist responds, 'Right, like Godzilla's normal.'"


The government's top man on the scene gets driven everywhere by soldiers in Mitsubishi military Jeeps.

Trick or treatGay continues, "Godzilla's back in the nurturing hands of Toho Studios, and they've beefed up the big beast with more highly developed spinal fins, resembling large crystals, and more menacing teeth. But he's the same guy in the rubber suit who smashes Tokyo's buildings and cars and dukes it out in larger-than-life smackdowns with the universe's monstrous villains."

I liked that monsterThe two photos at the top of this page show what is probably a Mitusbishi J54A military Jeep, a diesel-powered version of the CJ-3B built in the late 1960s and early 70's. Later in the film, the newer Jeep seen here makes some appearances; it looks like a J24A, built in the 1970's-80's.

Ed Freniere spotted the Jeeps in Godzilla 2000 and commented, "As for the movie, it is classic Godzilla, updated for the 1990's, complete with low-budget special effects. I found myself wearing a wry smile throughout the movie. As they say, it's so bad it's good." Thanks Ed. -- Derek Redmond

Jeeps also popped up in some of the earlier Godzilla movies.

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