Willys Hose Car in Sweden


Tollarps frontThis enclosed light pumper was built in the 1950s by Tollarps in Sweden, and is now being restored by the Royal Institute of Technology Motor Club. The photos and information come from Lars Wallentin, a member of the club.

"As you can see, the chassis is a Willys-Overland truck, 4-wheel drive. The engine is a side valve 6-cylinder, 115 horsepower." (See a closer photo with the hood raised, 50K JPEG.)

"Below the right headlight is an air horn -- without being an expert, the horn does look a bit sixties, so it may have been added later. The lights above the windshield are white lights just for illumination. On the roof there apparently was some kind of blinking warning lights -- I can see the mounting holes and wires. Nowadays we use blue warning lights in Sweden, but we changed from red to blue in the sixties."

Tollarps rear

Tollarps sideLars comments, "I remember this kind of fire vehicle from the 1950s, so I think the body is quite an ordinary kind of Swedish fire Jeep. I think they called them 'hose cars'. The body was made by a company in Sweden called Tollarps. In the middle of the back seat there is a 300-liter water container, so there is only room for two persons in the back seat, one at each side."

Tollarps rear doors"Among other things, the rear compartment carried 528 meters of hose."

"The truck is registered 1955. It was used at a fire station 100 km south of Stockholm, and in the 1970's it was moved to an island in the Stockholm archipelago, where there is some kind of sea research station. The last 20 years it has just been standing collecting dust. Now the truck is owned by the Royal Institute of Technology Motor Club, and we are trying to make it roadworthy for an historical car rally at the beginning of June 2001."

Thanks to Lars Wallentin for sending the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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