The Path of the Jeep

Video from Colombia features Willys at work


"El Camino del Yipao" (The Path of the Jeep) is a short documentary produced in 2010 for the weekend program Agenda CM& on the Colombian TV channel CM&. It shows Willys Jeeps in the coffee-producing area of Colombia, doing their daily work of hauling produce into town, as well as participating in one of the Yipao festivals. (See a map of Colombia, 250K JPEG).

Here are a few quotes from the film, translated from Spanish to English, and stills from some of the hair-raising driving sequences and a festival parade.

"For half a century, the grandfather of 4x4's has been witness to and protagonist of the development of Colombia's coffee region."

"It travels bearing the fruit of the earth and the hope of the peasants."

"Day after day, Jeeps make it over the difficult agricultural terrain."

"The Willys replaced the muleteer, turned him into a 'Yipero', and the valiant and stubborn mule was dethroned."

"In the middle of their trek, they run into some problems, but it can be easily fixed thanks to the simplicity of the machine and the know-how of a Yipero."

"The world's best coffee is produced by Colombian men, women, and their trusty companions -- Jeeps."

"This Willys, a 1953, belonged to my father. He gave it to me, and said, 'Never sell it, never give it away, no matter how poor you are.'"

"How many people can fit in a Willys? As many as can fit the tips of their toes on the outside edges!"

"These contests come from the rich history that Jeeps have in Colombia."

"The only thing I don't have on here is a bathroom."

Thanks to Agenda CM&. Their video documentary "El Camino del Yipao" in Spanish is available on YouTube. Map of Colombia courtesy Geology.com. -- Derek Redmond

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