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Willys Motors published several editions of a booklet on how to safely take advantage of four-wheel drive. In an era when 4WD was less common, and when the majority of Jeep customers were likely to actually drive their vehicles off-road, this was probably quite wise.

Willys also wisely kept the booklet short and easy to read, so that customers would actually look through it. There is general advice like, "Don't try to be a mountain goat," mixed in with the instructions on when to use four-wheel drive and low range. There are also specific tips like: "If the wheels start to slip with only a few feet of the ascent remaining, headway may be maintained by cutting the front wheels sharply left and right which will provide a fresh bite into the surface and will usually result in enough traction to complete the ascent."

Here are two pages from Form W-604, the 1960 edition of How to Use Willys 4-Wheel Drive:

Know your vehicle Avoid this situation.

CoverThe earlier CJ-3A-era edition of the booklet was even more easy-going, filled with cartoons that looked like Dad out for a drive in the Power Wheels toy Jeep. It featured this classic piece of advice. I can only say that it still applies today:

Keep your eyes on the road!

Thanks to Tom Griesser who scanned the later booklet, and Eric Lawson who provided the early booklet. -- Derek Redmond

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