Offroad Accident



Here are some photos which can serve as a timely warning to many of us. Two people were injured in a downhill rollover in this Jeep. The 1961 CJ-3B flipped forward coming down a steep clay bank, and landed square upside down. The windshield, roll bar and steering wheel were badly bent, and there was a lot of body damage.

Front viewThis nasty experience demonstrates the value of having a roll bar installed on any Jeep driven offroad. (It's also a reminder of one of the reasons the Jeep windshield was built to fold down.) Most of all it points out that there are real dangers out there, and the off-road driver has to always try and expect the unexpected.


Thanks to the anonymous former owner of the Jeep for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

For instruction on safe offroad driving, see Jim Allen's Four-Wheeler's Bible, which is reviewed on The CJ-3B Bookshelf.

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